Boké Mining Company (SMB-WAP)

A new bauxite producer to supply international markets

smbBoké Mining Company-Winning Africa Port (Société des Mines de Boké – Winning Africa Port, SMB-WAP) operates in the Boké region. It started commercial production of bauxite in July 2015.

SMB-WAP has developed a river port with a capacity of 20 million tons per year on the Rio Nunez to Katougouma.

In the first year of the project, export of SMB-WAP’s production should reach 5 million tonnes (410,000 tons per month).

The new port infrastructure is designed to enable the export up to 20 million tons per year. The site has the ability to be expanded to allow 30 million tons of exports per year.

Bauxite production by SMB-WAP is primarily intended for aluminium producers in Asian markets.

The arrival of this new industrial player shows the dynamic nature of the bauxite industry in Guinea. It confirms Guinea’s position as a major player in the international market for bauxite and as a growing investment destination.